Nats Fans Around the World

I was going to write another blog post about the continuing fuss surrounding the Nats’Take Back the Park. But instead of grumbling about how Feffer sold a bunch of lower-level tickets to a Philadelphia tour operator before the “Take Back the Park” thing started, or ruminating on the number of out-of-town fans here in the DC area, I figure it’s time to do a bit of positive thinking.

Out on Twitter, I know there are a bunch of Nats fans who live far beyond the DC region. If you’re one of those far-afield Nats fans, drop me a comment. I want to get a semi-regular feature going on Nats fans around the world. Let your distant fandom inspire us here “back home”!

9 thoughts on “Nats Fans Around the World

  1. Diehard nats fan who has been an expos fan since 90. I used to go watch games at the big O and still moan about the Colon trade (and argue how it was the right trade at the time!) My favorites are Vladdy, pedro and Oh Henry! I love how this team is finally coming around. My first time in Washington will be for the Take Back Our Park series. I’m tired of going to the Rogers Centre for games! Wondering if it is alright for me to rock a spos hat with my Strasburg jersey?

  2. I live in Fort Mill, SC, which is a suburb of Charlotte. It’s in the middle of a very large territory, stretching from Tennessee and Mississippi to the Atlantic Coast, inhabited by Braves fans. I started pulling for the Nats when they came to DC, while I was still in school and living with my parents in Maryland.

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