Nats Take 2 from Cubs in the Second City.

I will never understand what Jordan Zimermann must have done or said to the Nats’ batters to make them hate him so–they never give him any run support. The Cubs’ Jeff Samardzjia pitched a gem, and not even Carlos Marmol could screw it up enough to give the Nats the Curly W.

So with 3 games played, the Nats are 2-1, having scored 12 runs and allowed 9. As down as I am about the loss today, I have to say that the Nats are more or less where I expected them to be.  My projection had them scoring 11.43 runs by this point, and allowing 10.35 runs. Pretty darn close to what we’ve seen so far.

Here’s where projections and prognostications get you into trouble: if the Nats continued to bat all season the way they batted this series (scoring 12 and allowing 9), their Pythagorean Win Expectation would be .640. They could ride this all the way out to a 104-win season! Of course, that’s ludicrous–you can’t predict a 162-game season based on the outcome of a 3-game series against a ballclub that nobody really thinks will amount to much this season.

But if the Nats actually do keep this up all year–and if they don’t bunch up their runs, but produce consistently–they’ll have an even better year than I expected. And then I will be as happy as this guy:

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