4 thoughts on “Via Chad Moriyama: Stephen Strasburg is Pretty Good at Baseball

  1. (the link is at the botttom of the post)This will be the last thing i say about the inverted w,i found a credible source,espn just released an artice on the inverted w,and the science behind arm injuries,they talk to and quote orthopedic surgeans,pitching coaches,players,front office personal,medical literature,and sports medicine institutes.im a high school athlete who now has avascular necrosis in my hips and knees so for now ill be watching nats games instead of playing baseball or working out so im just interested in having dc become a baseball town,if this issue doesnt get fixed i gaurentee the nats rotation will fall apart and the nats will become irrelavent agian.agian this is the last thing ill ever post about pitching mechanics.Save this post because three years from now youll see solis,purke,strasburg,zimmermann,clippard,storen,hrod,stammen,ryan perry,gio gonzalez,tom gorzellany,ryan matheeus,cole kimbell and sean burnett will all battle injuries.
    i’ll name a few pitchers on other teams who will also be injured,josh johnson,phil hughes,edinson volquez,luke hocheaver,adam wainwright,cj wilson,aj burnett,david robertson,yu darvish,shawn marcum,bud norris,brandon morrow,craig kimbel,tom milone,brad peacock,fransico liriano,brad bergeson

    to show it works both ways i’ll name pitchers who will be healthy,derek holland,noesi,halladay,c.lee,randall delgado,collin ballester,verlander,alexi ogando,julio teheran,kyle kendrick,john danks,mark buehrle,lance lynn,romero,arroyo,and david price

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