Is this The Year?

The Car of Juggernaut, or the Nats Bandwagon?

The Car of Juggernaut, or the Nats bandwagon?

Over at the Post, Dan “Steinbog” Steinberg has dared to ask: Is this The Year for the Nats?

He interviews a number of Nats fans, including one Eric Bickel, who waxes positively rhapsodic about the Nats:

“I’m pretty much 100 percent in the camp that I think this [Nats] team is special,” host Eric Bickel said on 106.7 The Fan.

That’s quite a statement coming from someone who was pretty dismissive of the Nats and their fans at the start of the season:

Of course, later on, these knuckleheads would be Cised for Bryce (or at least “cised for any cash we can make off Bryce before his attorneys figure out that we’re doing this). Now, suddenly, we’ve got a bunch of guys who know more about junk than sports rhapsodizing about the Nats on-air (taking precious time away from judging trampoline-aided bikini girl jumping jacks competitions).

Yes, Nats town, the bandwagon is rolling like a mighty Juggernaut. Enjoy the ride, and try not to mind the obnoxious types who just got on.

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