Schadenfraude ist die schönste Freude

In the dark, cold, pre-dawn of the morning after Black Friday, I consoled myself by musing on the vagaries of chance:

But every so often, just enough randomness comes along. Maybe the ball doesn’t leave your hand clearly. Maybe the ball strikes a pebble. Maybe it’s cold, or maybe it’s too hot, or maybe it rained too much or not at all. Something you didn’t expect will change the path of that ball. You should have gotten it; you didn’t.

Even as I meditated on the randomness of baseball, St. Louis players and fans were already reading too much into the events of Game Five:

After the Cardinals’ epic collapse in Game Seven of the NLCS, it was suddenly the turn of the Team of Destiny to meditate on the vagaries of chance, and consider that perhaps they were, after all, as much Fortune’s victims as her favorites.

Or not.

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