This Shit Is Over

Head for the exits, Nats town. This shit is over.

I can’t offer you any analysis, or even any comfort. The Braves just swept the Nats, kicking them down the stairs and the standings. The Nats are fifteen and a half games behind the Braves.

As of tonight, CoolStandings.Com’s monte carlo simulations [What’s that? here’s a wiki entry]  have pretty much spelled the end of the Nats playoff chances: The Nats have a less than one-tenth of one percent  chance of winning the division, and a 1.9 percent chance of getting into the wild-card play-in.

This shit is over.

Yet, I’m probably going to keep coming to the park. I love baseball too much to stay away. The worst part of this is that I’ve got four weeks of utterly meaningless baseball to endure until September call-ups–a chance to look at a few minor-leaguers I never got a chance to see this year.

I’m still going to root for the Nats, same as I always do. But I can’t expect them to do the impossible. Right now, I am hoping that they finish a game above .500. That’s all.

1 thought on “This Shit Is Over

  1. Yup. I had email conversations with friends where I was pessimistically calling it after the Nats failed to capitalize on their weaker schedules of June and July. But this is the icing on the cake. Ironically it comes just AFTER the trade deadline, so there’s no sell-off moves to be made (not that we had a bunch of them to begin with but still).

    A better, larger question; this team is who it is, and will be largely the same next year barring some unbelievable multi-player swap. How do you improve for 2014? How do you identify what really went wrong this year and change it for next? A topic for a larger, different conversation.

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