This Shit Is Over

Head for the exits, Nats town. This shit is over.

I can’t offer you any analysis, or even any comfort. The Braves just swept the Nats, kicking them down the stairs and the standings. The Nats are fifteen and a half games behind the Braves.

As of tonight, CoolStandings.Com’s monte carlo simulations [What’s that? here’s a wiki entry]  have pretty much spelled the end of the Nats playoff chances: The Nats have a less than one-tenth of one percent  chance of winning the division, and a 1.9 percent chance of getting into the wild-card play-in.

This shit is over.

Yet, I’m probably going to keep coming to the park. I love baseball too much to stay away. The worst part of this is that I’ve got four weeks of utterly meaningless baseball to endure until September call-ups–a chance to look at a few minor-leaguers I never got a chance to see this year.

I’m still going to root for the Nats, same as I always do. But I can’t expect them to do the impossible. Right now, I am hoping that they finish a game above .500. That’s all.