Correcting the Record

And now, a correction.

Earlier today, I wrote a number of extremely grumpy comments on this Sports Bog piece about the demise Flagship’s Sports Junkies’ “Cised for Bryce” shirts.” I got some facts wrong, I was corrected, and I want to correct the record.

If you know me, or if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know I have no great affection for the Nats “Flagship” station. I love the Nationals Radio Network, which is carried on WJFK–I hate pretty much everything else on that station. I stand by all of my opinions about the Flagship’s “bandwagon” editorial policy.

I did, however, get one thing wrong. I said that 106.7 has not carried Nats day games:

Sure. But a number of weekday Nats day games have been consigned to the 200-watt dim-bulb transmitter of AM-1580. I appreciate AM DX’ing as much as any radio enthusiast, but…. If the much-ballyhooed “Flagship” isn’t broadcasting all the games, well…it’s not much of a flagship.

Well, that got Chris Kinard, program director over at the Flagship, pretty riled. He tweeted at me:

Sorry to let facts get in the way of your opinions, but we do carry all Nats day games and have all season.

I stand corrected. The Nats games not covered by 106.7 conflicted with late-season Wizards games–and the station is contractually obliged to carry the Wizards games.

I let my well-known contempt for the Flagship’s editorial decisions get to me. That’s not OK, certainly not for this blog. I owe (both of) my readers, as well as Chris Kinard, an apology. We’ll try to stick to the facts from here on out–or at least separate the facts from what I think about the facts.